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Social Media sites are pretty much endless especially in photography. With sites that have been around for years like Facebook, Twitter and Flickr and the new kids on the block Instagram and Pinterest.


All of these sites are platforms for photographers of all skill levels to share their work. Facebook is the largest of the sites with over 950 million users. However people are looking to interact with people they aren’t looking to buy things which can put a damper on a photography business because that is what the purpose of the business is. And of course previously mentioned Facebook does compress photos that are uploaded.

While Twitter has over 262 million active users it is a social media site that allows for a simpler form of communication between users. Another nice feature that Twitter has, or rather doesn’t have is noise filters that normally make it so all of your users won’t see every one of your posts. While #hastags allow for easier searches. One major negative that many users find with Twitter however is the restriction of only being able to use 140 characters… imagine being partway through a thought and….

Oh it just stops. It can and does get frustrating sometimes. In my first post I also discussed Flickr as a photo sharing site that is popular among professional and amateur photographers for photo sharing.

Pinterest is one of the newest social media sites that photographers; especially wedding and portrait photographers have been using. Pinterest has over 25 million users that is very simple to use because you can pin content from pretty much any website. The site however is not the best for interactions between users like some other social media sites. It is nevertheless very addictive


Finally Instagram has over 200 million users that upload an average of 60 million photos a day to the mobile photography network. One nice thing about Instagram is that you can post photographs from your Instagram to other social networking sites. There is a negative perception from some professional photographers because it does make everyone a photographer and has actually taken jobs away from professional photographers.

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